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Underwear for the summer - the most comfortable proposals for hot days.

Underwear for the summer - the most comfortable proposals for hot days.

When the days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer and warmer, there comes a moment when we need to modernize the contents of the wardrobe. Winter clothes, thick sweaters and shoes are the first thing that comes to mind and we pack them without hesitation in the farthest depths of a dresser, wardrobe or attic. A necessary move is also to organize the place for underwear, which will be irreplaceable under airy, summer clothes. Thick tights and socks, warm T-shirts - let
they'd better find a comfortable place in a distant drawer.

Perfect fabrics for the heat - day and night

Light, loose and airy. Light, white, cream, beige, pastel colors - colors that harmonize better with the sun's rays and do not additionally attract them like dark colors - navy blue or black. Natural fabrics have a beneficial effect on our skin, especially in summer. Everyone knows and appreciates the airiness of cotton, which is most often used in panties, classic panties, nightgowns , bathrobes and women's pajamas . On such warm days and nights (after all, nightwear spends on our body
half a day!), you should appreciate viscose and its refined version - micromodal (micromodal). Delicate, airy and at the same time natural material gives the impression that it additionally "cools" the skin.

Products made of viscose (micromodal) are most often chosen by customers in the summer.

Underwear manufacturers use this material more and more often, day shirts , night shirts , pyjamas, peignoirs and women's bathrobes appear on the market. Customers who have learned the advantages of this underwear on their bodies are ready to give up cotton in favor of viscose/micromodal. The feeling of "coolness" that accompanies use was appreciated even by men, who are often considered to be conservative followers of the cult of cotton ;) Men also often reach for underwear made of this material. Most often, of course, these are men's briefs , but men's T-shirts and pajamas are beginning to appear on the market.

T-shirts, panties, socks made of bamboo fiber

Particular attention should be paid to underwear and bamboo accessories. This material is made in a similar way to viscose from cellulose, so it is natural. Its additional advantages are thermoregulation, moisture absorption and breathability. Perfect for hot days, it shows antibacterial properties, absorbs unpleasant odors and provides high wearing comfort. The most commonly made of bamboo fiber is daytime underwear, in particular women's panties , sleeveless or day shirts, socks and the much sought-after panties with legs.

Thigh rubbing bands and panties

In the summer, customers are looking for everyday panties with legs , because high temperatures often cause discomfort on the inside of the thighs, which cause pain when rubbing against each other . The solution to this is just such panties, which are already made of cotton, viscose or bamboo fiber. For more demanding clients, or for ladies who do not like such solutions , thigh bands were invented. Such bandages also prevent chafing. They are put on like stockings, so you can match them with your favorite panties, not necessarily with legs. They can be smooth or lacy, and most often they are beige or black.

Julimex comfort anti-chafing thigh bands beige

Revolutionary summer accessories - straps, bra clips, nipple shields

In addition to thigh bands, there are other ingenious accessories for summer outfits, including decorative bra straps or completely invisible silicone straps. When the garment has a deep cut on the back, the strap lowering the bra clasp will be invaluable , and when the cut is at the height of the shoulder blades, use a strap tightening clip to keep everything that should be invisible. A simple and very useful accessory are nipple shields , silicone or paper, which provide many women with discretion to fully enjoy beautiful lace underwear under thin clothing, without discomfort caused by prominent nipples.

What bra and women's panties will work in the summer?

The most frequently chosen type of underwear on warm summer days is definitely lace underwear. Thin, airy, made mostly of light tulle, decorated with the most sophisticated laces. Balconettes , bralettes or innovative SPACER 3D bras are a great choice! Breathable materials, perfect constructions, smooth, invisible materials are a definite MUST HAVE this summer, and something that no one can miss. Trying to choose this perfect set, let's not forget about the panties. Often seamless, invisible under even very fitted clothes, panties should be in every underwear drawer. Guided by the choice of colors for summer styling, let's choose light colors: whites, creams, beiges, pastels and powder colors.

Tai seamless panties simple Julimex beige Virginia Corin bra beige 17871

Convenience and comfort are invaluable on hot days. Thanks to the choice of the right underwear, clever accessories and natural fabrics, every summer can be remembered as the greatest :)


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