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Retro fashion - vintage style lingerie.

Retro fashion - vintage style lingerie.
Do you love fashion? Do you follow the latest trends? Then you surely know that fashion likes to make circles, go back in time, draw inspiration from it and rediscover the undiscovered.
This recently influential trend has also arrived in the underwear industry. Underwear adapts to new styles of clothes, trying to provide the greatest comfort of use, while maintaining its unique look and style.

Lace, subtle and sexy high briefs

The most popular recently are definitely retro panties , i.e. high-waisted panties, often reaching the narrowest part of the waist. More and more often, these are not just fully built-up, full panties, which we associate with reforms - today, thanks to vintage fashion, we can choose from sensual, fully lace figs . This type of lace lingerie is decorated with subtle details and looks amazing when worn. A wide range of colors will allow for a perfect match with your favorite clothes.

Garter belt and stockings as a must-have for vintage styling

Without underwear, no wardrobe will ever be well composed, and a vintage woman's wardrobe cannot do without stockings . And these are not everyday self-supporting stockings, but stockings to the waist, i.e. stockings that are not finished with silicone stripes. In order to wear them correctly and, above all, to prevent them from falling down, a garter belt is needed. Placed on the waist, it can take on various patterns and colors, widths and lengths. In the past, belts were usually uniform in color, smooth and their task, apart from holding stockings, was also a slimming and modeling function.
Today, a large number of sets of everyday underwear in various colors can be additionally completed
garter belt, the function of which has changed into a more decorative, coquettish one, and
the appearance itself has become more frivolous.

Underwear with a modeling and slimming function in a vintage style

Slightly similar and alternately used instead of garter belts are corsets and belts. Corsets have a part supporting the bust and straps to which stockings can be attached. Slimming belts have none of these things, their main purpose is to strongly model the waist area. We all remember scenes from old movies where an extra pair of hands is needed to properly fasten a corset or belt, and quite strong ones at that. Today, our own hands are enough to put on this type of underwear, because most of them are fastened with hooks, and modern innovative materials have better modeling properties, not requiring the use of force to put on correctly.

In the retro bras section, you can find styles inspired by old trends, including
delicate triangular bralettes , or bras with an extended waist, sometimes called half-corsets.

Fashion likes to change, to fantasize, to intrigue. He likes to go back to different eras to get
ideas from them. Lingerie keeps up with it, so fans of the retro style can boldly style themselves from head to toe in the style of their favorite era.

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