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Pajamas as a gift for Christmas? We present our proposals

Pajamas as a gift for Christmas? We present our proposals

They are stylish, but also very practical, so they are perfect as a Christmas gift. Women's or men's pajamas are often chosen as an idea for a Christmas or Santa Claus gift. Is this actually a good idea? And if so, which pajama models to choose? In this guide, we shed light on this issue.

The Christmas Pajama Tradition - Where Did It Come From and Why is It Growing in Popularity?

The tradition of wearing Christmas pajamas by the whole family is a charming custom that makes Christmas take on a completely new, even magical dimension. Where did it come from? From Anglo-Saxon countries, where not only the famous Christmas sweaters have been popular for years, but also pajamas in characteristic colors (predominantly red and green), tartan, with funny Christmas motifs. If you're a fan of Christmas family movies or Christmas romantic comedies from England or the United States, you've certainly noticed this trend.

The tradition of wearing Christmas pajamas is gaining popularity all over the world, including Poland. There is nothing strange about it - it is not only a great way to emphasize the uniqueness of the Christmas period (from St. Nicholas Day to Epiphany), but also ... to soften the customs in the family. After all, you can't be in a bad mood or stay mad at yourself for long when everyone's wearing cute Christmas pajamas, right? Such nightwear encourages you to spend time together in a nice atmosphere - playing games, watching movies, chatting, drinking hot chocolate.

Why pajamas as a gift for Christmas are practical?

Women's and men's pajamas are not only a graceful proposal for home styling, but also a good idea for a gift for a loved one. Why? Because such a gift clearly shows that we care about the comfort, relaxation and pleasure of the recipient. By donating the right pajamas under the Christmas tree - not only festive, but also universal, to be worn all year round - we give something tasteful and practical at the same time . And I think everyone will agree that nothing is as good a Christmas gift idea as something that really comes in handy. And pajamas, as everyone knows, can never be too much!

How to subtly ask about the size of the recipient's pajamas?

Before you go in search of the perfect men's or women's pajamas for your loved ones, you need to start by determining the size. If you live with the person you want to surprise, the task will not be particularly difficult. All you have to do is look at the tag of her pajamas or other item of clothing and make sure what the marking is on it. You don't have that option? It's a good idea to get into a Christmas "conspiracy" with someone who shares the same space with the person you're interested in. Finally, you can also try asking her about her clothing size on another topic. However, we recommend caution here, especially right before Christmas. If you must resort to such a solution, let your questions be general - so that the gifted loved one does not guess whether it is about Christmas pajamas or maybe a shirt.

Tip! Remember that pajamas for a Christmas gift should be adjusted not only to the body dimensions of a loved one, but also to their taste. This rule is quite fluid in the case of typical Christmas pajamas - these are governed by their own rules and are treated rather with a pinch of salt , so you don't have to wonder if, for example, a pajama sweatshirt with a cute snowman will appeal to dad, who usually wears smart clothes. No one has to be dead serious at Christmas!

Have you already completed all the necessary information? It's time to go gift hunting. Check which we think pajamas for a Christmas gift will be perfect for her, for him and for couples.

Festive pajamas for couples - cute gift or dud?

Are you wondering if Christmas pajamas for couples are a good idea or rather synonymous with kitsch? As far as we're concerned, we stick to the principle we mentioned earlier - nothing has to be 100% serious on Christmas. For this special holiday, the most charming and touching ideas will pass the test, including festive pajamas for couples. Rather, no one will call it a kitschy idea, and even if it is - you can safely call it the Grinch, who spoils the holidays for others.

The choice of sets of Christmas pajamas for couples is getting bigger every year, but it's a good idea to create such a set yourself . It is enough to follow similar colors, pattern or prints to get the effect as in the picture. It is worth reconciling the needs of ladies and gentlemen by choosing something as universal as possible, for example oversized pajamas with a Christmas check pattern or with a plain sweatshirt and trousers with star prints.

Are we pajamas for her - a nightgown or a two-piece set?

The term "women's pajamas for a Christmas gift" opens up an inexhaustible supply of various possibilities and such a wide choice that it is almost difficult to decide on one model. Certainly noteworthy pajamas with a typical Christmas character . These are not only two-piece sets with a soft, warm, long-sleeved blouse and comfortable trousers, perfect for winter, but also onesie type overalls that are becoming more and more popular. We guarantee that the model with a charming Christmas motif is a Christmas gift that will not go to the bottom of the wardrobe, but it will be really useful every day. Bet on such a solution if you are looking for a gift for a friend or sister who loves TikTok trends.

Women's nightgowns are also worth recommending. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for an elegant lady, choose models in a luxurious style , made of viscose or satin, decorated with lace or impressive lacing on the back. Ladies with a practical sense will appreciate cotton shirts with a loose cut, resembling an oversized T-shirt or an oversized summer dress.

Among the more universal proposals for women's pajamas, there is also a large selection of two-piece sets, with the top in the form of a T-shirt or sweatshirt, with the bottom in the form of long trousers or shorts - to choose from, to match the color.

Tip! Women's pajamas inspired by men's classic wardrobe are super fashionable and suitable for women of all ages. Top like a collared button down shirt and shorts? Unearthly brick effect.

Which maternity pajamas?

Are you looking for the right women's pajamas for a holiday gift for a pregnant woman? Check out tunics and maternity pajamas , a large selection of which is waiting for you in our online store. These are suggestions that will delight you with their charming design and really great quality . The best will be comfortable nightgowns made of cotton with a slight admixture of elastane - such material will allow the skin to breathe, but it will be soft on the body.

It is also worth meeting the needs of the future mother and giving her a Christmas gift in the form of an elegant and comfortable nursing nightdress. The ones you will find in our store, for example from the Mitex or Regina collections, are practical and will be useful both during pregnancy and later, when breastfeeding your baby. It is also worth looking through women's bathrobes and choosing one for a pregnant woman.

Pajamas for him - what pattern to choose?

Men's pajamas are a great idea for a Christmas gift. Many men appreciate gifts in the form of practical and stylish things they need on a daily basis, but often forget to buy them. What a treat to find under the Christmas tree! What men's pajamas to choose? In addition to festive ones, for example in the form of a two-piece set or onesie jumpsuit, it is worth including the typical "classics" on the shopping list, i.e. pajamas with shorts or long pants and a top in the form of a longsleeve, T-shirt or sweatshirt. Men's nightgowns ? It is also an increasingly popular option.

When it comes to patterns and colors, on the one hand, you can bet on Christmas motifs and Christmas colors, among which red is the leader, or on timeless shades, suitable throughout the year. White, navy blue, grey, black, brown? It is always a great choice, regardless of the style of the person you want to please with a Christmas gift.

Tip! Gentlemen also like to be aware of trends and often have an impressive knowledge of fashion brands. Surprise a loved one with a Christmas gift of branded men's pajamas, for example from Tommy Hilfiger . You can find them at a great price!

When is it worth buying a bathrobe additionally?

Whether you're looking for a gift for your mom for the holidays or something just right for your husband, you already know that pajamas are always a hit. It is worth completing the gift by adding another invaluable must-have: a bathrobe. It is he who, combined with nightwear, will create a great duo for winter evenings and mornings , add class and let you forget about the cold. Men's bathrobes , which are very popular for a reason, are primarily models in subdued colors, made of fleshy, warm materials. Ladies can be offered not only such classic dressing gowns , but also impressive women's dressing gowns made of lace (a good choice especially for a beloved wife or fiancée), floral or charming red fabric (these options will work just as well for your aunt and sister).

If you've read our guide carefully, you already know that women's and men's pajamas are more than a great Christmas gift - they are definitely the number 1 Christmas gift idea! We believe that thanks to us you also had the opportunity to be inspired by the latest trends , charm with Christmas pajamas and choose something just right for your loved ones. For more interesting models , suitable not only for Christmas, check out our online store, where a real wealth of Christmas pajamas and more awaits you.

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