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How to choose a comfortable bra for plus size women?

How to choose a comfortable bra for plus size women?

Comfortable, perfectly fulfilling its task, and at the same time simply beautiful bra is a must have in every woman's wardrobe. How to choose it properly in the case of a fluffy figure? In this guide, we tell you how to fit a plus size bra perfectly and what conditions such underwear must meet.

Plus size underwear - why is it worth paying some attention to?

In any case, underwear is a very important, even key, element of women's styling. Its tasks are not only to protect the body , but also to smooth the silhouette, support the bust or belly, and better expose the creation. In the case of plus size ladies, it is even more important which underwear you choose - it should subtly shape the figure, giving you confidence , while remaining absolutely comfortable.

It is worth bearing in mind that plus size lingerie will not always mean the same - some ladies with a fluffy figure may have larger hips, but relatively small breasts. Others, on the other hand, have large breasts and massive shoulders. Remember that each figure is slightly different, and you must choose underwear primarily for your own needs.

One of the most important choices you face is surely choosing the perfect plus size bra . There are many models of underwear on the market, which, unfortunately, are not always worth your money. In this guide, we will help you avoid the most common pitfalls when buying a bra for large breasts - we will tell you what to watch out for and which models will be appropriate.

Spacer3D Bra Corin Virginia navy blue 17871

Spacer3D Bra Corin Virginia navy blue 17871

What should a plus size bra look like? This is worth knowing!

Let's start with what should plus size underwear be like? It's obvious that it's beautiful, feminine and in line with fashion trends, because it will improve your mood and make you feel even cooler in your body. It must also be naturally comfortable - breathable, not tight to the body, giving the impression of a second skin . In this area, however, there is often a conflict with another feature of plus size underwear - it is best if it will work favorably on your figure, shaping it according to your wishes and ensuring its 100% hygiene and safety.

This is extremely important, especially in the case of women with large breasts, which require adequate support. Plus size bras must support the bust well , relieving the spine, while also ensuring dryness under the breasts (i.e. good moisture drainage) and freedom of movement. In a moment you will learn what to look for when buying such underwear.

How to choose the perfect plus size bra? Check out our tips!

Before you go on a search for the perfect plus size bra, you must first of all know all your measurements, including, above all , the circumference at the height of the breasts and just below them . When choosing underwear, pay attention to the spacing of the straps, their width and possibly the padding - the wider and softer they are, the better.

The cups themselves will also matter. Their design, cut, stiffening, underwiring - these are just a few aspects that you must take into account. Of course, a plus size bra must also be tailored to your preferences, the occasion, the style of the outfit or its neckline.

Corin virginia bra beige 17871

Corin virginia bra beige 17871

These models of women's bras for large breasts will be perfect!

What plus size bras will be a hit for ladies with a fluffy figure? Below you will find some of the best variants, but you will probably notice that you can combine these features in one bra model.

  1. Invest in good quality padded bras . Although they are primarily associated with push-up bras for small breasts, you will find many models among them that will be perfect for a fluffy figure and larger breasts. An example is the Felina bras with special cups with comfortable padding that adapts to the body.
  2. Underwired bras are the choice for you if you want to protect not only large breasts from gravity, but also the spine - from pain.
  3. Minimizer bras are bras designed in such a way as to collect and keep the bust in place, while optically reducing it by up to several sizes. Contrary to appearances, this effect does not require unpleasant squeezing of the bust.
  4. If you exercise, be sure to invest in a plus size training bra , preferably one with underwires or support bands as an alternative to classic metal elements. They keep large breasts in check, allowing you to exercise freely.

Finding the perfect plus size bra doesn't have to be a miracle. Just follow our tips and choose the best bras for a fluffy figure, maximally comfortable and in line with trends. Check out our store and you will find plenty of them there!

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