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Get ready for summer - what swimsuits will be fashionable in the 2023 holiday season?

Get ready for summer - what swimsuits will be fashionable in the 2023 holiday season?

The synonym of a successful summer is not only sunny weather and at least a week's vacation, but also a swimsuit in which you look and, above all, feel divine. What trends will dominate the seaside and swimming pool in 2023? Take a look at our inspection post and learn about the most important trends in beach fashion.

Beach fashion 2023: will one- or two-piece outfits reign supreme?

Regardless of whether you are a born elegant type or you prefer to put the comfort and functionality of your styles first, we have good news for you: in the summer of 2023 it will be easy for you to remain fashionable. This is due to the range of proposals from designers who have presented us with phenomenal proposals in various styles for this season. Glamorous swimsuits, inspired by the aesthetics of Versace from the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, as well as micro bikini models, which are associated with Y2K vibes, will be on top.

Apart from them, the trends also includetwo-piece and one-piece swimsuits à la Marilyn Monroe, as well as sporty, extremely comfortable ones - perfect for swimming or playing beach volleyball. Before we get to the specifics, i.e. the issue of colors, patterns and styles, it is worth answering a basic question: what swimsuits will be fashionable in 2023 - one-piece or maybe two-piece?

Here we can also immediately reassure those of our readers who definitely support one of these options and cannot imagine life without it. Well, in the summer of 2023, both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits will be fashionable. Moreover, each of these variants contains dozens of different variations . The outfits can be full-body and boldly exposing the body, classic or with fancy cutouts, traditionally fastened or tied. So the question remains: what you feel best in , how you want to emphasize your figure, where you are going in your costume and what you plan to do.

What will be the most fashionable colors of swimsuits in the 2023 holiday season?

An important aspect that we recommend taking into account when choosing swimsuits for summer 2023 is color. Although you have many options to choose from, several of them enjoy special attention from celebrities and designers this year. This is what will be fashionable.

  • In 2023, it is worth choosing swimsuits in strong colors . The more expressive, the better. Stars are already wearing costumes in shades of lime, juicy orange, pink or cobalt on their holidays. Importantly, swim panties do not have to be in the same color as the bra - colorful contrasts are very popular.
  • On the other side are swimsuits in shades of sweet pastels . Powder pink, pistachio and mint, baby blue or milky yellow are perfect for beach fashion because they beautifully highlight tanned skin.
  • White also works similarly. Swimsuits in this color are extremely chic and are associated with elegance, in the spirit of glam, and on the other hand - with minimalism. Both directions will be very fashionable in the summer of 2023.
  • It is still worth paying attention to black models , which not only optically slim the figure, but also combine perfectly with other elements of holiday styling, regardless of the color. You can match any beach dresses or shorts to a black bikini.
  • An interesting proposition of the designers are references to the sports aesthetics of the 80s and 90s, when blocking four colors reigned supreme: white, navy blue, red and yellow . You can find costumes that follow this trend, for example in the Tommy Hilfiger Archive line, available in our online store.
  • Last but not least : patterns. Starting from subtle links, leopard spots and immortal polka dots, to Dior-style monograms that are super fashionable in 2023 - patterned swimsuits are definitely worth investing in now. Trendsetters should include "tie dye" outfits on their must-have list.

Beach trends: the most fashionable swimsuit styles in 2023!

You already know what trends will prevail in beach fashion in 2023 and what colors are worth choosing. It's time to choose the style, i.e. specific solutions that will make this year's holiday truly successful. Here is a mix of top proposals between which you can freely choose, deciding on one or... several options to take with you on vacation.

  1. Beach fashion in 2023 will be dominated by classic, string-tied bikinis . Exactly what celebrities are often seen wearing, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa. It can be made of smooth material or with monograms of a famous brand. What's new is that we tie our panties much higher than ever before - not at the height of the hip spines, but definitely above them. This will slim your legs!
  2. Two-piece, high-cut swimsuits will be equally desirable in 2023. High-waisted panties and underwired swim bras are recommended not only to women who want to take control of their curves, but also to lovers of classic elegance. Look for details such as ruffles, a belt with a buckle on the panties, and contrasting inserts.
  3. One-piece outfits with bold cutouts will rule summer 2023 on beaches around the world. In this case, we mean primarily monokini with an exposed waist, but also costumes with a neckline reaching to the navel. Although these types of models are rather difficult to sunbathe and swim in, they are perfect for looking stylish. A perfect example is the Feba Venus white F215/872 monokini.
  4. Fashionable swimsuits 2023 also include models that have more in common with elegant styles for after-dinner coffee at a cafe on the promenade than with swimming costumes. Tops resembling eye-catching blouses with puffs, panties with a skirt, bras à la crop tops with ruffles - such items are worth choosing in the upcoming season.
  5. Ruffles are a detail worth paying more attention to, because they will be unrivaled in beach fashion in 2023. Bras decorated with this flirty element will optically enlarge the bust, and panties will improve the proportions of the figure. There is no denying that they will attract all eyes to you!
  6. Do you like to wear sporty clothes? You will have a lot to choose from among designers' proposals for this summer. The hit of 2023 will be not only comfortable one- and two-piece suits in which you can engage in all summer activities, but also combinations of a top with short shorts, inspired by... men's swimming trunks. A model such as the Tommy Hilfiger Archive navy blue UW0UW04470 women's swimming shorts available from us will be very popular.
  7. Not only plus-size women will like interesting models of clothes that allow you to create the optical illusion of a narrower waist, a flatter stomach or longer legs. Suits with ruffles and stitching, contrasting color inserts, ties at the waist, and V-shaped cutouts (for example at the top of panties) serve this purpose.

Summer must-haves: what accessories cannot be missing?

Of course, a swimsuit alone is still not enough to make an impression and feel confident on the beach - there are still other elements that need to be included in your beach styling. Thanks to the right accessories, you will create a ready-made, complete look, cover this and that if necessary, and take care of your comfort and safety. First, choose a cover-up for your swimsuit. You don't have to wear it all the time, but we guarantee that there will be dozens of situations during your vacation in which dresses, pareas and beach tunics will be irreplaceable . Of course, it is best if they form a harmonious whole with the costume, maintaining a similar atmosphere.

Example? A mesh dress over a green bikini à la the 2000s or an elegant V-neck tunic for a retro outfit. Trendsetters can now - with summer in mind - also order jackets such as the Tommy Hilfiger white women's oversize viscose shirt. Tied at the waist and worn over a one-piece outfit, it will turn you into a fashion icon!

When it comes to shoes, we recommend those that are light, quick-drying and easy to put on , such as flip-flops or sandals. The simpler the better - sand can accumulate in clothespins or decorations and be difficult to remove later. In 2023, light flip-flops made of colorful foam, minimalist leather models and boho sandals will be particularly fashionable.

In addition, take care of accessories such as beach bags . The former should fit everything you need to take with you to the water , from books to your child's toys, cosmetics and a bottle of water. All kinds of woven baskets in the style of Katarzyna Tusk and sports bags made of light materials, which will be easy to fit even beach towels , will be very popular in 2023.

The finishing touch to your beach styling in 2023 will be a matching headgear , which will not only enhance your look, but above all protect you against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. In the coming season, stylists will focus on two solutions: baseball caps for sports outfits and hats with a large brim for elegant costumes. It is also worth considering the hit from TikTok , i.e. "fisherman" hats. Bucket hats work great with costumes with avant-garde patterns, micro bikinis and simple one-piece outfits.

When it comes to beach fashion, there's a lot going on in 2023. There is such a wide selection of models as never before: bikinis in the style of the 2000s, classic one-piece swimsuits in the retro spirit, sporty swimsuits and many more... If you have read our guide carefully, you already know how to complete your fashionable styling for your holiday in... the seaside or swimming pool - now it's time to check out the swimsuit models available in our online store and choose the perfect one for yourself.

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