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Garter belts - which models to choose for different occasions?

Garter belts - which models to choose for different occasions?

Garter belts have been popular for centuries. Their history is well known to fashion fans, who have noticed their clear evolution over the years. Once an essential element of a woman's wardrobe, today it is rather a synonym of luxury and a stylish accessory, which is used by more and more women every year. Do you want to get their hands on them? See what you should pay attention to when choosing a garter belt for yourself.

Why are garter belts a great styling accessory?

Are you wondering why garter belts are a perfect element of any outfit? Because thanks to them it is possible to keep unruly, often slipping stockings in the right place. And originally, this was their main task - primarily to improve comfort and convenience of wearing. Only over time, as a result of fashion evolution, new models of garter belts began to appear, which, apart from having pragmatic values, were also intended to satisfy aesthetic reasons.

It's no wonder that garter belts are considered worth adding to most outfits. Thanks to them, you can add some subtlety to the styling and make the person wearing them feel more feminine and elegant, which may affect self-confidence and even self-esteem. Additionally, with their help you can positively influence the appearance of your figure and emphasize feminine shapes - especially around the hips. By choosing garter belts, the styles also take on a slightly erotic, often feisty character, which can have a positive impact on relationships and fuel the atmosphere in moments alone. Garter belts for a romantic date will surely make it unforgettable, and compliments will pour in from all sides.

However, the advantages of these underwear items, apart from their visual values, also include the slightly more down-to-earth ones - they are available in many varieties, both in terms of colors, patterns, decorations and finishing. Thanks to this, everyone can find the perfect option for themselves and easily match it to the rest of their outfit.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning the advantages of stockings, which are an essential addition to the belt. Many women recognize their superiority over tights, which are difficult to fit perfectly, often pinch the crotch or are simply too long. Meanwhile, by choosing a belt with stockings, you can avoid this type of problems - they can be easily adjusted, they guarantee greater freedom, and most importantly - they are much more durable than most tights, which are often disposable items.

How to choose a garter belt?

When making a purchase decision, it is worth knowing that the choice of a garter belt should not be a matter of chance. There are many different models available for sale, some of which are subtle, delicate and sensual, such as the Julimex black lilly lace garter belt , while others are a bit more bold and sensual, or even bold and erotic. When choosing a belt for yourself, it is a good idea to take into account the occasion and other styling elements. Garters in a classic version and matching shade will work as garter belts for an evening dress, so that the whole styling fits perfectly together. Among many attractive models, you can also find everyday garter belts, which are perfect as an element of casual work attire, where a business dress code is required. Their opposite are garter belts for retro styling, which stand out thanks to their details and are perfect for special evenings. They can have a more or less built-up form, be made entirely of lace or be enriched with decorations such as ribbons, bows or fringes, so they will certainly not go unnoticed.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing? The material the belt is made of is also important. In the case of underwear, quality is crucial and it affects functionality. Therefore, the belt should be soft and pleasant to the skin, and allow it to breathe even after many hours of use. Additionally, it is necessary to verify whether a given belt is suitable for combination with the selected stockings. In addition, it should be as comfortable and convenient for the wearer as possible, which is why the selection of materials and high-quality finishing are so important.

How to choose the size of a garter belt?

As with any item of clothing, choosing the right size is important when purchasing a garter belt. Measurements should be taken at waist height - preferably using a tailor's meter, and then compared with the manufacturer's size chart and choosing the appropriate one. If the belt is too tight, it will fit unsightly into the body. On the other hand, a model that is too loose may wrinkle and fall, making it unable to fulfill its function of holding the stockings. It is worth paying attention to the material - among the belts you can find those enriched with elastic fabrics, so they will stretch slightly when worn, which should be taken into account.

Adjustable suspender belts are a great idea, so you can easily adjust them to your body type. They are usually equipped with elements that facilitate size integration in the form of straps or fasteners that can be easily modified at any time.

However, the size concerns not only the width, but also the height of the waist. There are both low models, reaching up to the hips, as well as higher models, ending at the waist or even above it.

How to wear stockings correctly?

Many ladies who have not had contact with it yet ask themselves how to wear garter belts and stockings properly? Well, the recipe is as simple as the proverbial piece of cake - the key is proper preparation. First, put the belt on and gently smooth it over your body. Once the belt is in the right place, you can start preparing the stockings. The most important thing is to keep your hands dry and to hold your sexy stockings in such a way as not to damage them with your nails.

The next step is to gradually unroll the stockings upwards until their end appears, which is usually a reinforced belt that stands out from the rest of the material. After such preparation, you can start putting on the stockings - this should be done while standing, sitting or resting one leg on the bed or chair. You need to grab the stocking, slide it over your toes and gently stretch it towards your thigh. When the upper edge of the stocking appears, proceed to attaching it with clasps or clips, which are part of the garter belt and are usually found on the straps. Depending on the belt you have, simply open it and then tighten it over the edge of the stocking, which will prevent it from slipping or rolling up during movement. Unless you use self-supporting stockings, i.e. enriched with a gel element designed to keep the stocking on the thigh.

Repeat the operation on the other leg and then verify whether both stockings lie perfectly even and symmetrical. If the material is creased in any place, smooth the surface of the stockings with gentle movements. Be sure to take a few test steps and check if everything fits well, or make any minor adjustments, e.g. tightening the stockings or adjusting the waistband, to feel truly comfortable and sexy.

What models of garter belts are worth having in your collection?

In lingerie stores such as you can find numerous garter belts for various occasions, so finding the right ones that fit the situation should not be the slightest problem. The purchase should be approached in the same way as in the case of any other type of underwear - panties or bras. Some of them are usually bought for everyday use, others for special occasions, others are purchased with the intention of using them and enhancing the atmosphere in the bedroom. And it's worth approaching the topic of garter belts in the same way! There are various colors to choose from - classic black, which perfectly matches luxurious evening outfits, ecru, which beautifully blends into the body as in the Elise II Nipplex ecru garter belt model, fiery red, inflaming the senses, or angelic, subtle white, in which every the woman becomes sensual. Such proposals are suitable not only for a celebration such as a wedding, but also for the wedding night, during which the groom will go crazy with delight.

Garter belts have long ceased to have only a classic shape. Therefore, it is worth expanding your collection with original, asymmetric models such as the Atenica Obsessive red garter belt , or unobviously cut out proposals that will surprise everyone who looks at them. Some are smooth and quite simple, while others attract attention with beautiful lace and openwork decorations, making you feel elegant, sensual and romantic at the same time. As with any type of clothing, you can find something timeless classic for yourself or go crazy by choosing a vintage or retro style belt. Do you like pin-up girl stylings known from graphics and posters? You can transform into one of them! All you need to do is expand your lingerie resources with the appropriate belt and stockings, inspired by this particular climate.

However, the topic of stockings can also be approached only from a practical perspective. For lovers of minimalism in the choice of underwear, so-called sports belts were created, which are far from elegant decorations and numerous decorations. And although they have little in common with erotic gadgets, they are supposed to fulfill a completely different task - to guarantee freedom during every movement, so they can be used during intense activities.

If so far your wardrobe only contained hold-up stockings, it's high time to supplement your stock with those attached to the belt. This belt will be another addition to diversify your wardrobe, especially if you choose one with belts. Using garter belts will not only improve your comfort while moving, but will also give you a new tool to create a unique atmosphere in intimate situations.

For eye-catching garter belts and various other lingerie items, visit the online store. In addition to belts and stockings, you will also find various variants of panties, as well as impressive thongs, numerous bras, and even exclusive corsets in which you can not only feel comfortable, but also emphasize your femininity.

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